Success story | Construction site auditing company
Case study

Construction auditing made easy with a custom mobile app

Discover how Bertoni Solutions helped a construction site auditing company to improve data collection and processing with synchronized and secure software solutions.

With the simplified workflow and improved collaboration, our client benefits from a significant productivity increase for both the field and office staff.

* Customer confidential - subject to NDA

Our client, a Swiss construction site auditing firm, needed to improve the way they were collecting and processing the site inspection data. Their existing processes were based on manual activities and different tools, including taking photos and making hand notes.

We developed a platform with corresponding applications that automated and simplified data collection and organization. Now, the mobile application enables site auditors to collect and upload records of field activities directly on the cloud, and a synchronized web app allows office staff to generate reports and statistics.

* Customer confidential - subject to NDA
Project type
  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • 15 two-week sprints
Team composition
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Mobile Developer
  • 1 Web Developer
  • 1 QA Specialist
Main technologies
  • .NET Core
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
Client situation

Distributed teams of auditors visit different locations all over Switzerland and control if everything adheres to the safety regulations. Their work helps to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and avoid fines for failing to uphold health and safety standards. It also keeps the construction workers safe.

During the audit, the auditors create extensive documentation. To present their clients with a report, they had to physically arrive in the office, upload images and type hand notes on the computer. The end report was also generated manually. The existing processes led to delays in reporting and increased the risk of data loss.

Product discovery

To improve the workflow and increase productivity, our customer needed a new system that would allow them to collect, share, and process the data in real-time. We analyzed the existing processes and developed a cloud-based working environment.

The mobile app allows the registration and editing of different data formats (notes, photos) and automizes part of the activity with predefined option selection. When the inspectors use the mobile app to upload the data, the office staff can easily generate a digital version of the report and save, share, or print it.


With the simplified workflow and improved collaboration, our client benefits from a significant productivity increase for both the field and office staff. The auditors can document the site auditing data faster and with the minimized risk that some information will get lost. Office employees can process the data in real-time.

The average time from the site visit to the final report generation was decreased by approximately 70%. As a result, the company can provide their customers with accurate site assessments faster, helping them avoid the consequences of safety measures violations.

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